Friday, May 22, 2009

Purple Leaves Wanted to Rant Today

I am not in mood to write second part of driving today.

Having started what others would call an internship for a week, all i can say is that it was a tiring, boring job.

But nevermind, it doesn't matter.

The above title, maybe would be more aptly be written as "wanted to bitch" but that will give a wrong "impression".


all the below just some mindless gibbering.

the good thing bout my this blog is there is very little visitor, so i can bitch all day long and get away with it.

the bad thing is, many "friends" do knew of this blog and i have to refrain.


the good thing about this blog is even my gf seldom read it (and NEVER read my other blog).

the bad thing is, she do read it some times, so i cannot rant about her either.

the good thing about blogging is in Asia you can finally have a place to freely talk about sex.

the bad thing is, "friends" will ask if your sex life have any problem.

god dammit, do talking about sex means problems?

they say in uni there is no true friends.

yea right..

but wherever u go, there is no true friends either..

how true can one be?

talking behind back?

not dare to face each other?

just simply not liking it?


we all tried..

but to no success..

somehow, maybe its better..

if we give it a pass..

find our own way..

afterall the limit of the sky is not the milky way..

yes, i do miss the grand old days..

but who say they are here to stay?

we all find our way..

as though life's misery is also a mystery..

but no, there is no way..

except to stumble all the way..

and hope you don't get screwed up in a way..

run, Leaves, run..

but all i can do is just fall..

Falling Leaves Outside The Window..

actually that described how i felt all the time..

i am just a godfuckinginsignificant leaf that fell from the tree..

and all i gotta have is some wind to sweep me away..

some ants to eat m away..


sometime i felt like a dope..

or maybe a Pope..

without God, nor hope..

can u imagine such a Pope?

maybe i am no Pope..

for i am even without a hat to boot..

struggling to life..

maybe its better if i leave..

i dun give a fucking damn..

if all they wanted is to shit..

go to hell!!!!

afterall we all do in the end..


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