Friday, May 22, 2009

Purple Leaves Wanted to Rant Today

I am not in mood to write second part of driving today.

Having started what others would call an internship for a week, all i can say is that it was a tiring, boring job.

But nevermind, it doesn't matter.

The above title, maybe would be more aptly be written as "wanted to bitch" but that will give a wrong "impression".


all the below just some mindless gibbering.

the good thing bout my this blog is there is very little visitor, so i can bitch all day long and get away with it.

the bad thing is, many "friends" do knew of this blog and i have to refrain.


the good thing about this blog is even my gf seldom read it (and NEVER read my other blog).

the bad thing is, she do read it some times, so i cannot rant about her either.

the good thing about blogging is in Asia you can finally have a place to freely talk about sex.

the bad thing is, "friends" will ask if your sex life have any problem.

god dammit, do talking about sex means problems?

they say in uni there is no true friends.

yea right..

but wherever u go, there is no true friends either..

how true can one be?

talking behind back?

not dare to face each other?

just simply not liking it?


we all tried..

but to no success..

somehow, maybe its better..

if we give it a pass..

find our own way..

afterall the limit of the sky is not the milky way..

yes, i do miss the grand old days..

but who say they are here to stay?

we all find our way..

as though life's misery is also a mystery..

but no, there is no way..

except to stumble all the way..

and hope you don't get screwed up in a way..

run, Leaves, run..

but all i can do is just fall..

Falling Leaves Outside The Window..

actually that described how i felt all the time..

i am just a godfuckinginsignificant leaf that fell from the tree..

and all i gotta have is some wind to sweep me away..

some ants to eat m away..


sometime i felt like a dope..

or maybe a Pope..

without God, nor hope..

can u imagine such a Pope?

maybe i am no Pope..

for i am even without a hat to boot..

struggling to life..

maybe its better if i leave..

i dun give a fucking damn..

if all they wanted is to shit..

go to hell!!!!

afterall we all do in the end..


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Guide to Driving in Malaysia - Part I - Highways

Driving in Malaysia is not for the faint-hearted.

Correction - merely using the road in Malaysia requires a strong heart. Anyone whose andreline might shot out of control are advised to stay off the roads in Malaysia.


Well, you can try the roads and you will know why.

So here, purple leave compiled a list of to-do's when driving in Malaysian roads, so as to help decrease the road death here, which in any case more than Iraqi war death in a day.


Highway, expressway, whatever you call it, in Malaysia, this is a fast-track-to-death-way.

In Malaysia, generally highway had a speed limit of 110 km/h, though some will have 90 km/h and 80 km/h, depending on the number of exits.

But then, the unspoken rule governing the highway remains the same;

1) Speed Lane

If, for whatever reason, you decided to drive within, or for that matter, at the speed limit, there is only one lane for you - the left most SLOW lane. Forget about middle lane or speed lane. You will get a middle finger since you are "obstructing the traffic".

The one called speed lane is the right most one, and basically only highly-modified local cars like the Wira and big-cc cars can drive here. They drive like, hmm, around double the speed limit.

2) Exiting

If you are slow (read - driving at the speed limit is slow), always maintain at the left most lane, so as to facilitate you moving out.

Likewise, the "fast car" will zoom in and cut your line like nobody's business so keep an eye out for your right hand side.

3) Spot Light

On the highway, spot light had many uses and you must know how to read them well.

You use it to tell the one in front of you that he is too slow. Flash, flash and if he don't get the meaning, just switch it on. Still not getting any, horn him till the kingdom come.

If you are the receiving guy, don't take it personally. It is the culture in Malaysia. But be prepared for some angry language and sign language if you are at the "wrong" speed.

If you see the opposite car flashing it, it means Police ahead.

4) Use Touch n' Go

For the obvious reason.

That's all for Part 1. Stay tuned for Part II on city road.

and if you have anything to add, please do so in the comment box. Any addition is tremendously welcomed.

Drive safe and keep out of trouble, folks.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Wesak Day Parade

Just an hour ago, when i was driving home, the traffic was diverted and traffic policemen were all around to direct the traffic.

Wait, another demonstration?

They are not wearing black like those in Perak do.

They are not wearing red or yellow.

If fact, all type of colors are there (i mean the clothes).

Nah, it is just a Buddhist parade.

Just what make them go on parading?

Apparently, and this blogger does not know, Wesak Day is approximately in another hour.

Holy shit! and that's why they are parading.

It is a very peaceful parade. you can almost feel the tranquility when they are walking pass, eventhough there must be hundreds of them.

I almost felt like getting down from my car and join them.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Maybe its Better if We had Never Meet Again


wat can i do?

london has always been in love with the Rain..

embarking on an early flight..

containing the yawn, i forced..

just for a chance to meet you again..

found the red stall..

that we’re suppose to meet…

but those days just didn’t come back..

such a strong personality…

had long been tainted…

who hadn’t change for a living?

such a longing to meet

but to a jolt of realization..

and the ten years in between..

the smile that i missed so much..

left only in memories..

not even knowing, how to converse again…

just like me who hadn’t started to smoke last time..

how had you changed, i know not..

just like a hundred years of waiting

only to wake up..

even were to meet again..

would it be a mature performance?

wasn’t it better if we hadn’t meet again…?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I still remember

i still remember, the days we laughed together...

and still remember, the days we cried together...

i still remember, when we just stood in the rain, looking into each others' souls.....

those were the days, gone far away...

those were the days, that will never come back...

those were the days, etched only in memories....

maybe, not really...

maybe, it is just an illusion...

maybe, the rains are just the dreams, spilled into realities, clouded my vision....

no, i won't cry....

for tears no longer suffice...

no, i won't regret....

for regret can only make scars deeper....

i will, i really will...

keep the memories inside, deep inside....

that long ago, i had you....

but that you, had gone, and i can find you not....

Friday, April 3, 2009

We are Not as Close Anymore

Remember reading a blog post by a friend - We are not as close anymore. Wondering if friendship is bound to not last.

As time goes on, we outgrew each other, and that is normal. But what if, one day, out of sudden, we are like strangers? That would be sad right?

For what? Love can make you hate someone immediately. And that is understandable. But friendship?

If yesterday was cool but today screw, why and why? Why oh why?

If today is screwed, tomorrow be enemy?

We are not as close anymore, nor do we like what we used to be. We both had another set of groups now, or is it you?

We are not as close anymore, maybe something happened and i had not understand it yet. For we don't talk anymore, and i never knew what you are thinking.

We are not as close anymore, nor do i remember the last time we sat together. For they are so far away, and i recollect them not.

We are not as close anymore, maybe we are just not meant to be. Maybe just like a river diverge, that is what we are meant to be.

We are not as close anymore, nor do i see your face any longer. It no longer appears, or maybe, it just never did....

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Coming Friday, Hopefully I Can Finally Have Peace

Coming friday is the moot and debate club agm....

meaning my last official post....

is going to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


For members of the club, here is the details;

Date : 3/4/09 (friday)

location : DK1

time : 3.00 pm

Do come and see me off....hahahahaha

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fucking Hard Disk Died

First of all, thank you to all whom read/commented/skip my short story. After years of not writing, surely some rustiness crept in.

Some bloke from Canvas Printing said he enjoyed it. Haha. What can be better than someone enjoyed your work?

Juliet said can't wait for more. Hey, are you trying to make me happy? Hehehe..

HB said it will be better if compiled as short story on paper bag. Well, obviously it is not good enough to be in any literary print (duh). But thanks for the honest comment and patience for reading so long a piece. Will try harder to move out of paper bags and get into print. Hahaha.

Anyway, i have never heard of a story on paper bag, maybe i just don't shop as much as i should.

Ok, enough of that. This week had been a bad week for me. Assignments came in like nobody's business and guess what, my fucking hard disk died!!!

At this fucking crucial period when i need my battle proven, efficiency guaranteed, strong and sturdy laptop, one of the most vital component broke down!!!

There goes all my fucking files and photos and songs and documents and materials and most importantly, my productivity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For those whom in a group assignment with me, if i am late, blame my laptop.

Now, not only my hard disk died. The worst news is, the hard disk model no longer in circulation!! What the fuck? It means even if i wanted to change one, i got no one to change to. Damn! Damn! Damn! Why the hell technology have to move so fast? I had only bought this thing three years ago!!! That is only a fucking three years!!!

Suddenly, the whole world came crushing. I am buried in the midst of rubbles in the form of works. Suddenly, i got no connectivity. Suddenly, i am cut out!!! Fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So fucked up...Living on a borrowed laptop from Princess Cindy to finish my works and blogs. Damn!!!

Moral values - there can be no moral value in buying a laptop. When i bought this thing at RM 3200++, it was the best in its range. Now, something thrice the performance and specs can be bought at half the price or less. And they might still break in three years.

Fucked up!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Falling Leaves Short Story Collection : Untitled...

I wrote this as an experimental piece, combining two very distinct style together. Please give comment ok? Thank you..

11 May 1994, 4.00 p.m., Rainy Day,

Sally told me today she got an offer to read law in Harvard. She was ecstatic. I am very happy for her too. But deep inside, I had a mixed feeling. I don’t know how to describe, but maybe the rain did it for me.

The rain cleanses the Earth, giving it the much needed respite to the heat. And yet, it wets the clothes and throw a spanner to people’s work.

I think, that is how I felt too. Very deep inside, I wanted to ask her to stay. To be with me here. But I knew I can’t. And so I suppressed my feeling, swallowed my words, and forced a grin.

Maybe she was too happy that she did not realize my feeling. And that is good too. I can’t let her know how I felt. I must be happy for her, for her to achieve what she had set out for, or she will be doubtful, and sad, that I am not there for her.

May God grant her the dream that she always had, my beloved baby.


29 May 1994, 6.oo p.m., Clear,

In another two weeks, Sally will be going to US. We went shopping for her needs. She is still ecstatic, while I had to suppress my feeling deeper.

Outside her house, I hugged her very tightly and long before letting go. I think she knew, for her face changed to one of nearing to tears. Had she been thinking too?


10 June 1994, 2.00 a.m., Cloudy,

Two days later, she will be going. We shared our last day together, for tomorrow belongs to her family. That night, she refused to go back, crying.

Baby, please don’t cry. The beautiful eyes of yours are not meant for crying. They should be the sparkle that will bring smile to millions of faces. They had brought innumerable smiles to my face and they will continue to.

Three years later, when you are back, we will be celebrating our love again. This goodbye will not be our last, though it will be long before we meet again.

You have to go, don’t worry about me. I will be waiting for you here. The place in my heart will always belongs to you, wherever you may be.


12 June 1994, 5.00 p.m., Windy,

She is gone. Sending her off at the airport, while suppressing my tears, my heart felt like it will have to collapse too. I can’t cry, or she will be, too. I can’t make it harder for her to go. But my eyes just won’t listen. Like an untamed waterfall, they flowed. And reluctantly, at the very last moment, I let her go, to her destiny and future.

 I looked as her airplane took off, soaring the sky, and away from me, little by little. Sally is tore from me, bit by bit.

Take care, Sally. I will be waiting for you.

25 July 1994, 11.00 p.m., Sunny,

I got my Diploma in Interior Design with distinction. But sadly, Sally is not here to share this with me.

She did congratulate that night when we chat on the phone. We have chatted very little as international call is expensive. But for this occasion, I don’t mind paying a bit more.


12 August 1994, 3.00 a.m., Rainy,

Two months had past, and yet I can still hear her stifled sobs in the phone. It was hard, for both of us. We had been together since 15 and this is the first time we have not seen each other for so long

Me too, hid my tears. We both knew we were crying, but we chose not to trigger it, lest it became a full blown wailing. But every night, after talking to her, I can’t help but to cry my heart out on my pillow.

Creative Impulse is a nice place to work. Here, I am exposed to numerous high level works. Thanks to my mentor, Kevin, I can finally find a good footing to launch my career.


18 September 1996, 6.00 p.m., Windy,

I had been promoted to assistant chief designer!!!!!!

16 February 1998, 12.00 a.m., Rainy,

In another two months, Sally will be back. But she sounded like she is having a deep thought. Why?


15 March 1998, 1.30 a.m., Thunderstorm,

She told me, at last.

Sally got an offer from a big law firm, and she accepted it, without even telling me.


But I do not begrudge her, though she will not return now.


What should I do?



18 March 1998, 2.00 a.m., Cloudy,

I will have to let her go.

We both knew I can’t go to her. And we both knew, she wouldn’t be back. She knew I had a family to support, brothers and sisters to put through colleges. And I knew, her chance only come once. And she will not let it go.

We both knew this is the best.


But that had not stopped my tears. Nor hers.



19 March 1998, 1.30 a.m., Windy, very windy,

I resisted the urge to call, for this call will be the last goodbye. The last goodbye to our seven years of relationship. The last goodbye to the love in my heart.

Who can understand, the waves in me, that slammed again and again against the wall of my heart? Who can understand, the bond that is about to be severed? Who can tell me, how should I finally face this?

Who knew, how much I can’t let go? And who knew, no matter how many drops of blood dripping from my grip, I still have to let go?

And who understand, the upheavals I am feeling inside? No one, no one…I can only cry alone, in the darkness of the night.

The breeze punctured my skin, piercing through my heart. And out it spilled, all the memories inside. The days when we used to laugh together. The days when we used to cry together. The days we used to just hold hands, and lie on the field, watching the time passed us by,



20 March 1998, 3.30 a.m., Dark and Cold,

She called, at last. I detest myself for not even having the courage to do so.

And so, it was a goodbye. A goodbye that we both knew is to come. A goodbye that we both knew it is necessary. A goodbye, to all goodbyes.

It was short, very short. But is still remember every words she said…


David, I know you knew what I am about to say..


I knew, please don’t say it yet…


I am so sorry, David…


It’s ok, baby, I know, I understand…But just let me have this little moment yet…






No, wait….


I really can’t let go, baby….




I said I know!!! Just let me have this little moment, while you still belong to me….




Guess…I still….have to let you go…right?


Yea….I am sorry….


 It’s ok….take care…


So do you….



And so, it ended, I guess….


                            *         *          *          *           *          *           *


Ten years had passed since that faithful night. David is now a celebrity interior designer. Well, the “celebrity” does not means he now goes on TV or anything like that, but rather, he is now very famous in this line. And obviously, he now got his own interior design firm, Davedo.


But fate does not have it that way. It follows that one day, David got a meeting with a client. This client seems to be a big shot, recommended by his mentor, Kevin, and demand that he himself to be the one who do the design for the renovation of his newly bought home.


And so, at that morning, and it has been a long time since David woke up in the morning, David came in with his normal working attire, which is a jeans paired with a seemingly business suit that has a back side shouting profanities. It shows attitude, was what David always said.


“Hello Veronce”


“Good morning, David, and unfortunately, you are late again and your Mr. Lee is waiting in the Conference Room 5,” Veronce, his secretary said nonchalantly.


“Shit” was the only response.


He ran the length of his firm, which was nestled in an old neighborhood of Petaling Jaya. His office was converted from a colonial era house facing the main road. Nowaday, nobody stay in this kind of houses as they will be eating dust everyday. But with the strategic and mature location, they are converted into business centre, with boutique and bridal became the main staple.


After a few “good morning David” (he does not allow his workers call him by his last name), he finally reached the conference room. True to his style, the room was simple yet pleasant. He insisted on fresh flowers (his favorite would be tulips) be replaced everyday. There is only a small table and four chairs, the kind that normally found in café. On the tiny soft pink wall, hung an abstract painting by David himself, but anyone who sees it said they saw an indiscrimate splash of paints.


“The painting is so sad, as though he pour his complicate mixed feeling into it,” he heard a woman saying. Just why was the voice so familiar?


He knocked the door, and went in, “Sorry I am late, my previous appointment dragged on too long,” rehearsing his tried and tested excuse flawlessly.


The man and the woman turn. And he stood there stunned.


“It’s ok. You must be the famed David. I am Lee and this is my fiancée Sally,” said Mr. Lee.


It might have been a few years had just passed him by. But no, barely 3 seconds, he recovered and shook hand with both of them, “My pleasure.”


Sally took a longer time to recover, but she did, shaking his hand and managed a thin smile. The one of discomfort that David knew only too well.


“I heard from Kevin that you are the best here”


Pulling his eyes away from the woman no longer his, he turn to address Mr. Lee, “He is only joking, don’t trust him,” he managed with a smile.


Mr. Lee chuckled and brought out his house floor plan. “I don’t waste time on small talk, hope you can understand, but this is my house and I need to renovate it just in time for our wedding in July,” he said, while giving Sally’s hand a squeeze.


                  *           *          *           *          *           *           *           *


Sally reached the marble door steps of the firm that she visited earlier, the one that her new love seek out her old love to renovate their new love nest. She hesitated but pressed the ring still. It was already 9 p.m. but somehow, she knew, David is there.




“Hi, is it too late?”


“No, not at all, please come in..”


Sat in his office, she looked around, while he went to bring some coffees. Pictures of David winning numerous awards and his artworks donning the wall. But what struck her the most was the photo frame on the desk. The first picture they took together, hugging and laughing, with the sandy Redang beach as background, taken some 15 years ago. She whisked the photo into her arm, looking dreamily. Those were the happier days, when love is so innocent, as it is pure. And her tears starting to fall.


David suddenly appeared at the door, with the coffees..


“Are you…”


Before he can finish, she rushed out of the office and like the gushing wind, gone from his sight…



            *          *          *           *           *            *              *           *


“Ma’am, a letter for you,”


“Thank you,” Sally took the letter.


“Dear Sally,


Silly girl, why do you cry? You are getting married soon, you should be happy. I will be happy for you too.




Sigh…She only knew him too well……



Sunday, March 15, 2009

Car Owners, Beware...Car Thiefs Go Japan to Study How to Steal Your Car

I posted this in amethyst boy say...but as it seems interesting, maybe i shall repost here

Even Car Thiefs Go Abroad to Study

I don't know if this should be a proud moment or a miserable one.

NST reported that thiefs are sent by their syndicates to Japan to learn all they could about every new model that came out. The course lasted three months. 

Not only that. The syndicates also practiced specialization, where one person is expert in one area, say steering lock while another disable the car alarm. Not only that, there is also specialization by models on car. One may speacialized in Honda while another, Toyota.

The reason that spur this investment in human capital by the car theft syndicates is attributed to global demand for stolen car. Yupe, they even embraced globalization, somehow faster than the rest of the law-abiding citizens. Orders came from as far as Sierre Leone and South Africa. Never heard of Sierre Leone? Try google it =p 

Now, if you are a car owner, don't worry, all might not be lost. If you drive a Proton or Perodua, there seems to be little market for your car (you should, of all people, know why). 

If you drive a foreign brand, well God bless you. If you are in a Japanese car, just be thankful that your car is gone when you are not in it because, apparently, the car thiefs cannot master the skills to steal a Merc or BMW. Why thankful? Well, because the thief now turns robber who will wait for you to get into your car or follow your home to hijack your car.

And, if your car is gone, just get an insurance claim and forget about getting your car back because it will be shipped to a place you never hear before. And all this happens faster than you drive from KL to Penang.

No first party insurance? Well, why not, since your car is still here, get one?

i don't understand, i don't know

who remembers...

the time when we slogged together..

but no one remembers...

the names of the faceless..

and the mute..

blood dripped from my tighten grip..

but to no avail..

who am i to say this?

but no, it was not so..

who forgets?

i do not know..

nor do i understand..

i let go..

silly me..

but nevermind..

no one knew how much i can't let go too..

no, no, no...

i don't, too..........

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The World had Gone Mad, Mate

In a bar, David said to his friend;

"Ye know, i can't communicate with my grandson, Kevin, anymore".

Puzzled, Andy asked, "But why? You had always been close with him?" Kevin was David's only grandson form his only daughter, Mary.

"Ye see, the other day, the lad asked me to buy him a mouse. So bought him a white mice, i did. But he cried, saying that was not the mouse. He wanted something that will plug into his computer for him to caress and press"

"Ahh...he meant that mouse"

"Ye know, those were the days when cookies are meant to be eaten and not deleted. Those were the days when cleaning disk will requires water."

"And those were the days when anti-virus are meant to be drank!!" quipped Andy.

"Aye mate..I can't see how to communicate with that lad anymore. Yesterday, I just opened up his computer and scrubbed the disk with water and soap. He almost killed me with his look"

"You are not alone, mate. The other day my granddaugther, Jude, wanted an anti-spyware. I brought her into my room and sat her on the chair and said 'My princess, you got no business with military intelligence so drop it off'" added Andy, ruefully. "And she fall off the chair and sprained her ankle from all the laughing"

"Ye meant she is in the military?" David looked straight into Andy's eyes.

"Nay, mate. But i still don't know why an eight-years-old needs a military device. Anyway, her mother got her one in the Tesco. Didn't know now even supermarket sells military stuffs."

"The world had gone mad, mate"

"Sure it is, sure it is..i can't recognise the world i see now..Not even this...what is it called again, lad?" Andy asked the buxom bartender.

The bartender gave it a look and said "Bloody Mary"

"Ye need not insult my daughter, little one," scowled David.

"Sir, that drink was called Bloody Mary but it ain't got any blood from anyone called Mary" replied the buxom bartender.

"Why ye think they call it such a horrible name?" David now turn his gaze to Andy.

"I've got no idea mate, but it makes me feel like a vampire now" replied Andy, groggily.

"The world is mad, mate"

"It is, it is"

Tossing the his glass, David said "To Bloody Mary"

"And to anti-spyware, whatever it meant" replied Andy.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Would You Have Lousy Sex or No Sex

For those who knew me personally, there is nothing wrong with my sex life, thank you very much.

Now, this is a question i was thinking when plotting my first short story for a few decades. Yes, Purple Leaves will have his first short story posted here soon..Yay!!!!

ok back to the question. Now let's say you got a husband or wife or a live in partner, and you had been horny for long, and the other one either feigned ignorance or don't bother deiced not to care. And when you try to ask for it through words or action, you got some very lousy sex. 

So will you rather have it or will you not?

For me, well, i rather not having it. what's the point of having sex if it is not enjoyable? Rather than facing the disappointment, why not go get a better one. Opps i felt some holier than thou persons throwing eggs at me for preaching infidelity, but go to hell, good girls go to heaven but bad girls go everywhere!!!!

but i am not preaching you to screw behind your wife/husband/partner's back. just if one day, if your are lucky, you managed to break free, maybe you can have sex without those painful memories, then it is more fair to the one you may be fucking later. 

maybe you can share your opinion as to this regard here?

Monday, March 9, 2009

Which Direction Should This Blog Go?

They say, blog, like the blogger, matures with time. With time, it will take its own distinctive form and have its own characteristic.

This is true. My first blog, amethyst boy says... already at its own stride, from being a barely alive blog, now turned into a collection of news from various sources, plus my own commentaries, and editorial. And it attracted a huge traffic there, and finally, someone did commented.

But this blog still in the midst of flowing into nowhere. Intended to be a blog to put my literature, i had a bloody writer's block that had been going on for years and years and i can't even pen a short story. And so, it died a natural death, before even getting started. Since i registered it, i should use it right? Then it turns into my diary but again, it fails because I DON'T WRITE DIARY. How sad how sad.

And so, it became a collection of postings that i felt not suitable for amethyst boy says.. and so it became. But it doesn't feel right. No it did not.

Then, finding passion in food, i try to write food review here and i occasionally still do, but laziness to upload photos get the best of me. Anyway, i joined a food blog group and will review there, though will still do here.

And so, being neither here nor there, where should this blog go? I really don't know. Maybe, just maybe, in the very near future, the road will present itself, but for the time being, this blog, will still be one of no direction.

Waiting for the road to present itself...

Food Review : Foods Around Kajang, and UKM Part I

I had wanted to do this for a long time. To compile a list of restaurants and foods around Kajang-Bangi area for the benefits of UKM students and Kajang-Bangi folks. First of all, places you should go

1) Chat Hei (literally translated as 7 Happiness)
CH is one of the places where you can bring anyone important there without feeling embarrassed in Kajang. Say, if you wanted to bring a new date, you won't go too wrong here. This tiny little restaurant is located near the Kajang Pasar, across the river/huge drain that always flood and you can lamost missed it if you don't look well.

see how tiny is the shop?
The food here are accetablely good. The price is on the range of RM 10 - RM 20 so even if you are in a tight budget, you can always get your date to eat here.

my favorite : zha zheong ramen

The picture you see above is a dry ramen called zha zheong ramen. The combination of sauce and ramen is tuned nicely, though i would say the flavoring is a bit over.

chicken chop rice anyone?

Next is the chicken chop rice. As you can see, the chop is very tiny but is good enough for a small appetite person, but not me. The frying is just nice, you won't have burnt or raw meat there, and that itself is an achievement. The dipping sauce is mixed in the right way to complement the light flavor of the fried chop. And for all that, you also get a fried rice wrapped in egg. I almost say omellette but no, it is not. So, now you are full.

2) 21st Century Cafe

This cafe is located at the middle of the hill at Bukit Mewah. The food here are slightly on the high side at RM20 onwards. However, this is compensated with fantastic night view and good food. Certainly a place for lovers.

Amongst the notable menu here is the cheese steamboat. But if you are thinking of a big pot of melted cheese slowly boiling your foods to cook, you are wrong. Apparently, you are to dip your fully cooked and flavored food into a small pot of melted cheese for added flavor. Now that is also good enough right?

cut out from here...
dip inside here

All in all, this is a fantastic place to be in. Well worth the money you pay.

3) Wong's Kitchen Shabu Shabu

Located at Sungai Chua, rumour has it that it had already closed down. Now i am sad because the condition here is great, you can really enjoy your steambot unlike the craze now of streambot buffet where you actually have to eat like you have never eaten before and grab foods like a beggar in a charity free foods drive.

who can say no to this cute pot?

I love it here because the herbal soup base is fantastic. With aircond, you can eat here slowly and tasting your food like you should, not gobling up everything like a hungry beggar.
this was the promotional set for 4 during their one year anni'

The pricing here is based on sets and ala carte. One normal set cost you RM 12.90 ++ while the chicken set that i normally take cost me RM 16.90 ++..
this dessert is surprisingly good!!
Oh, how i miss this place..Auntie Wong, reopen this place please?

4) Noddle Station, Metro Point

Next is this Noddle Station at Metro Point. All types of noddles you normally find around are found here, if you don't mind paying extra, that is. The pricing here is RM 10 onwards.

The plus point in this restaurant is that the mee are in-house and boiled to perfection. You won't get too soft a mee or too raw. And the soup base is just nice and had its own distinction to it.

recommended - but i forgot the name =p think it is some har mee after adding extra wan ton
and this is some clear soup mee, after adding extra mee

can you believe this is green tea?

Another thing that i think is most commendable about this restaurant is, the pictures you see in the menu is the one you will really get when it comes out of the kitchen. How about that for a change?

I think that's all folks for part 1. There will be more to come in the near future.